Can you describe a time when you had to resolve a conflict between members of a tour group?

Sample interview questions: Can you describe a time when you had to resolve a conflict between members of a tour group?

Sample answer:


In my role as a Tourism Coordinator, I have encountered various situations where conflicts arose between members of tour groups. One such instance stands out vividly in my memory, showcasing my ability to effectively resolve conflicts and maintain a positive atmosphere within the group.

During a cultural tour in a foreign country, tensions began to rise between two individuals who held differing opinions on the pacing and activities of the itinerary. One individual preferred a more relaxed schedule, aiming to soak in the local ambiance and engage in leisurely exploration. The other, however, sought a fast-paced adventure, desiring to cover as many attractions as possible within the limited timeframe.

Recognizing the potential for this conflict to escalate and impact the overall experience of the group, I swiftly intervened. Firstly, I privately approached each member involved, expressing my understanding of their desires and concerns. This allowed me to establish rapport and gain insight into their underlying motivations.

Next, I scheduled a group meeting, providing a safe space for open dialogue. I facilitated a constructive conversation, allowing each individual to express their viewpoints without interruption. By actively listening and acknowledging their concerns, I demonstrated empathy and ensured that all perspectives were heard.

To address the conflict, I proposed a compromise that would satisfy both parties. I suggested incorporating free time into the itinerary, allowing the individual who sought a more relaxed pace to explore at their own leisure, while also arranging additional optional activities for the more adventurous member. This solution ensured that both individuals could pursue their… Read full answer


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