How do you handle difficult or demanding customers?

Sample interview questions: How do you handle difficult or demanding customers?

Sample answer:

  1. Maintain Composure and Professionalism:
  2. Keep calm, even if the customer is angry or agitated.
  3. Remember that you represent your establishment, and your behavior should reflect that.

  4. Listen Actively:

  5. Give the customer your full attention and listen to their concerns or complaints without interrupting.
  6. Try to understand their perspective and empathize with their situation.

  7. Acknowledge Their Concerns:

  8. Acknowledge the customer’s feelings and concerns.
  9. Let them know that you understand and appreciate their feedback.

  10. Offer Solutions:

  11. Once you understand the customer’s concerns, offer solutions that might resolve the problem.
  12. Be proactive and creative in finding ways to satisfy the customer.

  13. Apologize if Necessary:

  14. If there was a genuine mistake or oversight, apologize sincerely to the customer.
  15. Avoid making excuses or assigning blame.

  16. Be Cooperative and Willing to Compromise:

  17. Be willing to work with the customer to find a mutu… Read full answer


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